Actiereg is the web version of Probreg. It has several enhancements over the original xml-based version; for instance, it's built using the Django framework which means it uses an SQL database that you can easily switch from the default SQLite to whatever you want to use and is supported by Django. But more importantly, it has user support.

You start the application by entering the site url, then you're taken to the application's startup page:

startup page when not logged in

This shows a list of registered projects with some basic statistics. Below that is a link to request a new project to be added by the administrator. A list of requested projects is also shown. The "todo" part below that is not supposed to be there, it's a reminder to myself what stuff still needs to be doene about this application, it will be removed any time soon.

Following the login link you are taken to the login page, nothing fancy:

log in page

After succesful login the front page is shown again, with a slightly different line at the top:

page change after logging in

This is actually a different page (the issues list of a project), it's to show that this message is displayed at the top of each page you go to and that you can log out from any page.

The rest of the application pages is covered in the following documents: