I designed this application to administer my record collection. It revolves about two types of collections: studio albums and live concerts. There's also a third "collection": the (names of) artists - and bands - that make this stuff. It's a halfhearted attempt to reduce redundancy by not having to store the names on every album or concert.

The three parts are easily distinguishable on the start page.

start page of the application, showing three "regions"

As ever, there are three (types of) screens:

  • start, to specify a selection
  • select, to choose an album from the selection
  • detail, to display and/or edit the album data

These are implemented for the albums and concerts collections. For viewing and maintaining the list of artists a separate page is provided; this one combines the three screen types.

There's a little bit of history about this app.

For some reason, I've also made a GUI version. Perhaps to see if turning this into a mobile app is a thing.

Moreover, I also built a tool to match and import data from my music library so I don't have to enter them by hand anymore.