Albert's Find and Replace In Files Tool

I think AFRIFT is a silly name, but FileFindR isn't much better?

There are three versions of this application. The original is standalone, and gives the opportunity to enter some search arguments as well as choosing a directory in which to search for files to do the search/replace action on.

startup screen standalone version

The results are presented in a separate screen:

results screen standalone version

Note that with the push of a button you can save the results to a file for further inspection. As I found it useful to be able to copy to the clipboard (and later paste into another application) instead of creating a new file, I also added that option.

I derived two versions from this: one that can be used from within a file manager where you select the files and directories you want to search in, and one that you can start from within an editor to do the search action on the file you're currently working on.

Both can also be invoked from the command line with a filename parameter: for the multi file version this file contains the directories and files to search in, and for the single file version this is the file to search in.

The screens accompanying these versions are mostly the same as the ones shown above:

startup screen single file version startup screen multiple files version

as are the result screens:

results screen single file version results screen multiple files version

Depending on the version, part of the file path is hidden in the leftmost column; when saving the results you can choose to have the path shown extended to the full path.

Since the making of the above screenshots new options were added that are available for all three versions:

  • the possibility of specifying multiple search phrases
  • the option to enter a regular expression to search for
  • the possibility to specify individual directories and files not to search
  • the possibility to show some context for program source files
  • the possibility to export results as a comma separated file
  • the possibility to repeat the search from the results screen
  • the possibility to show the file containing a specific search result in a text editor

More about this here.