Server Log Viewer

This little one-page app is for viewing server logs inside the webbrowser. I wrote it for use with my local web server, originally Apache but later Nginx. It's especially useful if you've specified separate logs for separate virtual domains - but that's always useful.

It starts with an empty screen:

initial display

To display the contents of a logfile, either click the "verversen" (refresh) button or choose a different file from the selector:

log file selector

Once a logfile is chosen, it's loaded in a buffer so you can browse it using the navigation buttons:

navigation buttons

By default the order the log lines are displayed is last-to-first ("nieuwste eerst"), but that can be changed to first-to-last ("nieuwste laatst"):

choose display sequence

It's also possible to change the number of lines that is displayed on a single page:

select number of lines per page

Finally, the display of the lines of an access log

access log display

obviously differs from the display of error log lines:

error log display