My Projects

Startup screen of the application

This is my take on a comprehensive project administration / documentation system. It is divided into five sections:

Apart from the project definition, each section is divided into subsections containing documents of a certain type. A type is defined by its purpose, and most types contain specified fields that I consider important for that type.

One of the strengths of this system should be the fact that it's possible to define relations between documents of different types in different (sub)sections, and in some cases even to other documents in the same subsection.

This should make it possible to quickly navigate from e.g. a functional design to the technical designs through which it is realized. The kinds of relations that can be made (i.e. what types of documents can be related to what other types) are predefined.

Note that in the above, project is more meant in the sense of "application" or "information system" than in the sense of "organizational structure to manage a more or less complex change in a part of an application or information system". I know that this goes against common terminology, but I'm less interested in how do do changes as I am in what to change or build - and "project" in my mind is mainly about the what.

The various types of documents are intentionally structured; they illustrate the various pieces of information that I think need to be supplied in a given case - varying from a detailed specification to a simple "not applicable". Just as long as they're covered.

In the following some technical aspects of this application are covered:

Have a look at an earlier incarnation of this app: DocTool