Chronologically this application is the phase between Apropos and DocTree. After moving on with DocTree I pretty much left it alone until I decided to use it for experimenting with gettext support (and ultimately incorporate that in DocTree).

To make this work like some other experiments with organizing information according to keywords (originally inspired by the filing card system descibed in Robert M. Pirsig's "Lila") I added the possibility to add tags to the texts, as well as to filter the displayed collection. With this I think this application has gotten some merits on its own - adding this feature to DocTree would make it too complicated for my taste.

Another tiny addition I thought useful is making it possible to reverse the order of the notes (newest first instead of oldest first). The order in which the notes are added corresponds to this.


On the left-hand side of the screen the list of notes is shown and on the right-hand side, the text of the selected note. The main actions can be chosen from the menu or executed through keyboard shortcuts.

Here are the application's menus, click on each to view their description: Main Note View Help

To keep thinking up a filename from the main application (though you can use a different one from the standard by mentioning it on the command line) I made a small helper app you can use to optionally reorder the notes and write them back under a different name. It has a simple startup screen:


The first option is just to dump the contents of a notes file in readable form. With the second, only the notes are written to a text file so you can reorder them. After reordering you can write them back to a notes file with the third option. And if you use the same name as the original file, its settings are even kept intact.