Old projects

Lately I added some repositories containing code for dynamic websites I built before I knew about web frameworks.

It may not be anything to brag about, I just wanted to keep this from accidentally throwing it away. And - to be honest - to show off a bit.

Firstly there's the never published predecessor of my personal website, https://www.magiokis.nl, written in Python using plain CGI. Along are versions of it written in PHP and CherryPy:

To maintain some of its data, I made some webapps using XML (!) for data storage, which I later rewrote using Django. The old apps are included in the magiokis repository, the Django ones are here:

A description of this stuff can be found here

Then there is a simple webapp I wrote (but never publicized) for the primary school my children went to, to keep track of absentees:

Also included are the plain CGI predecessors to Albums and MyProjects: