the story of this site

I've been experimenting to see if I can do something worthwhile with this site.

Since this is meant to hold static HTML pages I thought to create those using a nice little package called rstblog. This generates into a directory that I may be able to turn into a mercurial repository; that way it should be possible to easily synchronize them and upload the stuff.

This appeared to work, so I boned up on my Bash skills and managed to whip up a script that takes care of rebuilding the site and pushing it all the way to BitBucket.

That also appeared to work.

On a side note: the first time I heard of rstblog was when I for some undetermined reason followed a link on the first name of people who weren't attending a Python Users Nederland meeting and ended up on Guido Kollerie's blog. The actual software is from Armin Ronacher. In setting it up I used a many-referenced post by Morten Siebuhr. The style of these pages is also taken from there.

Unfortunately, after I pushed this stuff to BB I noticed that the links to the blog posts didn't work. With the dates broken up, they may have gotten too long for the BB machinery to handle properly. So I decided to put the posts all together on the front page, maybe add some stuff to it now and again and in the meantime maybe think up something different to put up here.

On relinquishing RstBlog for this site, I decided to go back to a little webapp I built around the rst2html stuff that comes with docutils. Originally I made it for the purpose of maintaining some documentation pages about a tool I helped develop at my workplace, because I didn't want to use MS Word for that - it started out with a single page in Opera containing a huge textarea, just to have the built in spelling checker...

At first I just put all the rstblog posts into one page, but after some time I decided I didn't really like that, and chopped it up into separate pages again, this time only one level below the main directory but again in the form of blog posts.

For this to look the same and to be maintained properly I had to create some new directives to be able to put the same layout on all the pages, but that worked out relatively fine. Then I decided I didn't want it to look like a blog so I changed the whole thing around again, putting the blog pages together again into this page and promoting the former projects page to be the front page. The directives I made remained quite useful though.

I gotta say, I'm thoroughly enjoying eating my own dog food here...